If Trying Keto, Why Dairy Free Is The Way To Go

By Danielle McAvoy
March 31, 2021

There are many documented benefits of a keto diet – including mental clarity, reduced cravings, improved memory, deeper sleep and increased satiety.

However, this diet earns its controversy. With a narrowed focus on fat content and less on food sourcing and quality, it can lead to a significant gap in nutrient dense foods, increase in processed foods and a loss of micronutrients.

What makes Territory’s keto approach unique is that our meals aren’t made with dairy or processed foods that often accompany the keto diet. We rely heavily on high quality fats, like olive and coconut oil, quality proteins in moderation and plenty of low-glycemic veggies to keep nutrient density high and carb count low.

All Territory meals are free of dairy because it is one of the most common inflammatory foods. Even for people with no known dairy sensitivity, existing low-grade inflammation can make you more susceptible to irritation from dairy. Reducing exposure to irritating foods can help prevent or calm chronic inflammation, which has massive long-term health benefits. 

While eating dairy can make keto easier because there are many high-fat dairy food options, keto is completely possible without dairy. When you’re already straining your body with a diet as restrictive as keto, eating nourishing, non-inflammatory foods can help keep you fueled and focused.

How To Eat Dairy-free Keto

Many people use dairy-based foods like butter, cream and cheese as a crutch during their keto journey. When you remove that option, you are more inclined to eat nutrient-dense foods like eggs, meats, nuts, and olive oil to ensure you’re loading up on the proper fat ratio. By replacing dairy fats with plant-based fats, you are also swapping out saturated fats for the much healthier unsaturated fats.

Here are a few dairy-free keto tips: 

  • Eat a variety of meat, seafood, eggs, nuts & seeds, low-carb veggies and use oils, avocado, coconut and olives for additional fats
  • Replace the most common dairy products with various alternatives:
  • Choose from Territory’s Keto Reset menu
  • Instead of heavy cream: Coconut cream or milk 
  • Instead of milk: Almond, cashew or hemp milk
  • Instead of butter: Tahini or coconut butter
  • Instead of cheese: Snack or top salads with olives or avocado slices

The Lowdown On The Territory Keto Menu

Our keto meals hover around 70% fat, 20% or less protein, and 10% carbs, with an upper limit of 15g net carbs for both the boost and standard size.  Aligned with our core menu foundation, our keto reset meals remain free of gluten and dairy-containing ingredients.

We intentionally chose to include plenty of non-starchy vegetables to ensure that our keto community continues to meet their micronutrient needs.

When looking at our menu, click on the Keto friendly filter to see all of our keto meals or learn more about our keto meal delivery service.

Ready To Start A Keto Diet?

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