Straight-forward sourcing

We take pride in the quality of our food sourcing and in the high ingredient standards we maintain. Our foods are thoughtfully sourced to have the greatest impact on health and a minimal impact on the environment.

Sourcing from a nutrition standpoint:

Our menus are filled with clean proteins, nutrient-dense veggies, fruits, nuts, some legumes and whole grains, and healthy fats. We don’t use any gluten or dairy ingredients because they can contribute to inflammation for many people.

Oils that are processed at high temperatures using solvents and chemicals can also be very inflammatory. We steer clear of canola oil and focus largely on olive and coconut oil.

Sugar is linked to many negative health outcomes, particularly inflammation and heart disease. We steer clear of all refined sugars, and use only small amounts of pure honey, molasses, and maple syrup.

There are hundreds of other ingredients that you won’t find in our menus because of their negative health effects, including nitrates, chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colors.

Sourcing from a sustainability standpoint:

Some methods of farming, fishing, harvesting and processing are better for the Earth than others. Our goal is to source as responsibly as possible, while making sure our products are widely accessible.

An expanded view on our ingredient specific sourcing:

  • Poultry is free of antibiotics and added hormones, as well as cage-free with room to roam
  • Beef and game are free of antibiotics and never given hormones, humanely raised, and either 100% grass-fed or grass-fed, grain-finished
  • Eggs are pasteurized and largely cage-free from local farms
  • Fish and seafood are wild caught or sustainably raised. We follow the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch to ensure we’re only using the best choices or good alternatives.
  • Pork products are free of antibiotics and added hormones
  • GMOs - decades of research on GMOs have shown that they are safe for consumption. However, the largest GMO crops like corn and soybeans can have a detrimental effect on the farm ecosystem. To minimize the negative impact, we use non-GMO corn and soybeans.
  • Organic - while some of our chefs are fully organic, we don’t require that our chefs use organic produce, but use it when it’s accessible.
  • Local - sourcing locally means getting produce closer to peak ripeness, and using less fuel to transport it. Though availability of local produce varies by season, we source it whenever possible.

Farms we love:

  • Free Bird Chicken (DC)
  • Force of Nature Regenerative Farm (DC)
  • Jidori Chicken (LA)
  • Creekstone Pork (LA)
  • Niman Ranch (SF)
  • Safe Catch Tuna (SF)
  • Berkeley Bowl Produce (SF)
  • 44 Farms (DFW)
  • Wayne Farms (DFW)

There are some ingredients in the gray area that we limit to very small amounts if they are included in meals. Things like agave, rice bran oil, natural thickeners, and sunflower oil are not at the top of the list of clean foods, but don’t pose a health or inflammatory risk when present in tiny quantities. For example, bacon that uses sugar as a curing agent and has it listed as less than 2% of ingredients.

Chicken Welfare:

At Territory, we aim to source premium and fresh ingredients from farms, ranches, and partners we know and trust to have best-in-class practices. As part of our commitment towards continuous improvement and transparency, we worked with Animal Equality and the upcoming requirements of the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) program to align with the Better Chicken Commitment. We will work towards a goal of sourcing only chickens that meet the breed and housing standards (space, light, litter, enrichment), and that are processed in a more humane way using CAS (or an approved alternative) in all of our Territory kitchens by 2024.

Chat sourcing with us

Any questions, email us. We’ve got a dedicated team of food quality experts who constantly work to evolve and uphold these standards working closely with the community of chefs we partner with. Takes constant study and learning… and no small supply of just digging this topic. It’s a complicated, always changing ditty but we straight love this stuff and are happy to chat on it.