Creative local chefs + smart
nutritionist input = tasty, clean eats

We built Territory to make it super easy to commit
to the life changing rituals of eating well and being active.

With a nutrition compass guiding the way

Our crew of nutrition advisors brings their unique perspectives, advanced training and real world know-how to the table to make sure our meals and menus have what it takes to feed your active life best.

  • Danielle

    Washington, DC

    Master of public health,
    registered dietitian

  • Michele

    Los Angeles, CA

    Expert in food science and technology

  • Riley

    Los Angeles, CA

    Expert in nutrition, metabolism and physiology

  • Carina

    Dallas, TX

    Master of culinary nutrition and nutrition research

Our networks of local chefs keep things fresh

Unlike other services that churn meals out of massive central commissaries, our independent chefs work in their own fully certified, local commercial kitchens and bring their unique culinary skill to every meal.

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Sustainably-sourced real ingredients, and nothing else.

We've spent hundreds of hours building a community of sourcing partners committed to ingredients as the foundation for great food. Guided by the REAL Certification we've earned for sourcing and sustainability standards, to us "real" means things like antibiotic and hormone-free meats from animals raised without cages and with room to roam; fresh, local and organic whenever possible. We also never use ingredients containing gluten, dairy, or added nitrates.

Our Sourcing Partners

You select a plan that works for your appetite, lifestyle, and taste

Shape what you get to just what you need with weekly plans you can personalize by when you get delivery, what size meals you’d like, nutritional approach you’re following, ingredients you’d like to avoid and more. Or leave the choosing to us and we’ll recommend something great.

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Twice weekly deliveries so your food is always within reach

We can drop off your meals for free at local gyms and other convenient locations, or deliver them to your doorstep for a small added charge. You can select to have your meals delivered on Mondays, Thursdays, or both.

Giving back with every meal so good food can reach more people.

40% of food in the U.S. goes to waste, while 1 in 7 Americans struggle with hunger. We're taking action. With every Territory order, Feeding America®, through a network of national food banks, will recover more than a pound of food and share with someone facing hunger.

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