Where Food Feels Good

How it started

In 2011, a group of friends in Washington D.C. went looking for great tasting meals to fuel their busy lives. All were short on time and skill,  so they found a chef to prepare and deliver meals that met their high standards for flavor and nutrition. Today, Territory works with chefs across the country to send thousands of ready-to-eat, over-the-top delicious meals based on science-backed nutrition to customers in 27 states.

Better-for-you meals

  • Our Meals are Made by Real Chefs—Every Territory meal is made by an independent chef working in their own kitchen.

  • Our Meals Save You Time—No more shopping, prepping, cooking, and washing dishes.

  • Our Meals are Really Good for You—Territory’s dietitians make sure our meals are made with healthy fats, clean proteins, beautiful produce, and without gluten, dairy, refined sugar, or inflammatory oils.

A locally sourced marketplace

Local is not a buzzword at Territory. It’s the foundation of what we do. It means our meals are fresh, like really fresh, because they’re made with ingredients grown close to where you live. And we deliver them across town, rather than ship them across the country. Our cooks and the people who pack and deliver our meals are your neighbors. In fact, $9 of every Territory meal that you buy stays in your community.

Join our team

Do you love great food and good people? Of course you do. Why not make it your job?


p.s. As part of the Transparency in Coverage rules, we are sharing information about our health plans here.