Whole30 Day 2: Sick or Attack of the Sugar Demons?

by Jen Burdick
Whole30 Day 2: Sick or Attack of the Sugar Demons?

Here’s a quick (and dramatic) recap of how Day 1 went down for me …

  • Strong showing at breakfast. Feeling good, feeling great. Kim Possible over here.
  • Breakfast game kept me full and satisfied until right before a string of afternoon meetings began (tip: go into meetings while doing Whole30 with snacks). I did not go into meetings with snacks.
  • Emerged ravenous around 4 pm.
  • Was reminded at 4:15 pm that I had agreed (likely under the influence of sugar a few weeks back) to go to the Penn State vs Maryland basketball game.
  • Panic sets in.
  • No time to make dinner — which we had actually planned for like good Whole30-ers. Side note: the knower-of-all-things, Melissa Hartwig advised to prepare for emergencies, I foolishly disregarded.
  • I scrounged up whatever Whole30 compliant grab n’ go’s I had laying around the apartment for emergency travel fuel — an apple, an RX bar, a packet of almond butter. I packed them lovingly into my bag, ready to protect them at all cost.
  • Upon arrival, we discovered bags had to be left behind, pockets emptied, jackets unzipped because #security.
  • Next wave of panic.
  • Shove the apple in my mouth, hide RX bar and beloved almond butter in my top secret pocket.
  • Sister (who’s also Whole30-ing) is crashing. She gets RX bar.
  • Penn State loses. Boo.
  • I squeeze the almond butter directly into my mouth on the trip home, wondering how I’ll survive another 29 days.


Enter Day 2

Totaled about 3.5 hrs of shut eye — a sore throat, headache, and achy body won the sleep battle last night. Most of my sleeplessness was spent contemplating, could this be the start of the sugar demons fight for survival in my body? It’s too early for that, right? Am I legit getting sick? Is death near? Should I call my family? All rational thoughts happen around 3 am.

I’m ready for the sugar demon fight, but the thought of getting (non-sugar detox related) sick on Day 2 of the long awaited, and desperately needed Whole30 was a painful thought. A very cringe worthy thought.

I did what any good Whole30-er/millennial would do come daylight in this situation. Consult the internet. Turns out I’m not alone. What do I find on the Whole30 insta account this morning? A “Is this normal, or am I sick?” post. And when I turn to my trusty Whole30 Day by Day book, the words staring back at me?

The unraveling state of my body started to make more sense. The amount of suck feels preeeeetty proportional to the amount of junk pre-Day 1. Melissa seems to have gone all crystal ball on me. So, with that. Day 2 began.

Show must go on, and clean eats must be consumed — no matter the suck level. Breakfast happened, with the help of a few eggs, yucca, and fruit. Got me through until I had this gem of a meal for lunch … hello, Winter Harvest Bowl. Let me tell you, team. This brought me LIFE. I tossed some pistachios on the cauliflower grits, because pistachios, but otherwise — this meal came 100% ready for consumption. Days like today, when I feel like my body’s collapsing in on itself, those are the days I’m reminded just how friggin’ incredible the Territory chefs are — shout out to Chef Rachelle. Hey girl, hey! Love you, mean it.

Verdict’s still out if what’s happening to my body is pre-Day 1 junk related, or legit. More to come on that front. Meantime, it’s din-din prep time. Keeping it simple with some chicken and brussels tonight.

Fight on, team. And Lordy, Lordy, let’s hope Day 3 is kinder.

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