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Territory has been a Whole30 meal delivery partner since 2017. Let us make it easy for you to complete your Whole30, or simply add more Whole30 compliant meals to your week.

Stick with your Whole30 without sacrificing your time and energy.

With 100+ Whole30 items on our nationwide menu, we're experts in Whole30 meal prep - so you don't have to be.

Our Whole30 Menu Approach

Dietitian Led Nutrition.

Our registered dietitians partner with local chefs to develop Whole30 Approved meals that are both delicious and healthy. Our Whole30 meals are composed of hand-selected, non-inflammatory ingredients that optimize whole body health. We ensure our meals are filled with nutrient-dense vegetables, exceptionally sourced meats and fish, cage free eggs, and healthy fats, like coconut and olive oils.

Whole30 Meals Delivered

Fresh, Never Frozen.

We work with chefs in your community to thoughtfully source the highest-quality ingredients available. All of our meals are cooked to order and your meals arrive fresh from a kitchen - not frozen or from a factory. This allows us to constantly change up our menu, providing more variety than other prepared meal companies can. We’re constantly introducing new meals, making sure that our offerings are in tune with the seasons and our fruits and vegetables are at peak freshness.

Better for the Planet

Locally Made. Sustainably Delivered.

At Territory, we’re committed to providing responsibly produced ingredients, reducing food waste, offering responsible packaging, supporting social equity, and reducing emissions through carbon offsets. All of our Whole30 Approved meals are delivered in eco-friendly packaging, made from recyclable or compostable materials. In certain zip codes, we also offer an enhanced Sustainable Delivery, where meals arrive without gel packs and insulated liners.

"The Whole30 diet may seem restrictive. That is, until the Napa Style Scramble with Chicken Apple Sausage and Potatoes kisses your taste buds."

-Susie Johnson, Honest Brand Reviews

How Territory's Whole30 Meal Delivery Works

We’ve partnered with the official Whole30 team and our talented independent chef network to offer a wide selection of Whole30 prepared meals on our weekly menu.

Select From Our Whole30 Menu

New Whole30 Approved meals are added to the menu frequently so you can explore new flavors, while sticking to your goals.

Our Local Chefs Cook to Order

Using only the highest quality, sustainably–sourced ingredients, our network of independent chefs produce meals specifically for you.

Delivered in Eco-Friendly Packaging

Your orders arrive fresh in packaging that's best-in-class for sustainability.

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"A Whole30 can be a good way to reset your relationship with food. By eliminating common inflammatory foods for 30 days, your body gets a chance to heal and restore equilibrium."

Danielle McAvoy, MSPH, RD, Senior Manager of Nutrition

 Our Recipe for Success

Our entire menu is made without gluten or dairy products, and contains no refined sugars, nitrates, chemical preservatives or artificial colors.

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Whole30 Fan Favorites from Our Menu


California Chicken Cobb Salad with Mushroom Bacon

Barbacoa Beef with Peppers and Onions

Garlic Shrimp Pil Pil with Mashed Yuca and Broccoli

Za’atar Pesto Chicken with Cauliflower Couscous

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New to Whole30? Here is everything to know before you get started.

What is Whole30?

The Whole30 diet is a dietary program where for 30 days, you completely eliminate certain foods from your diet and then systematically reintroduce them to learn how your body responds. The rules of the Whole30 diet are designed to avoid foods that are some of the most common causes of inflammation in the body. For most people, completing a Whole30 is a life-changing experience that results in more energy, better skin and digestion, and total control over how they feel.

What’s Allowed on Whole30

On a Whole30 diet, focus on quality meat, seafood and eggs and eating lots of vegetables and fruits. Use only healthy cooking fats like olive oil and coconut oil, and opt for plant-based spices. Coffee (black) and tea (unsweetened) are fair game too.

What to Avoid on Whole30

Whole30 focuses on omitting any forms of added sugar, alcohols and processed foods or baked goods. You'll also want to avoid dairy products, grains and legumes and any chemical additives.

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