Why change name now?

by Robert Morton

“You’re 5 years in, operating in multiple cities, really, name change?”

Since embarking on this nutty journey of renaming our company we’ve gotten this question plenty. And as much mystical, navel-gazey stuff as you see about branding these days, we sort of felt like we should have some fancier, more layered answer.

[Important side note lest we forget… we’re still the same “we”. Same team, same network of talented chefs, same tasty food. With some new stuff that we started rolling out a week ago — more on progress so far here.]

Truth is though, as big of a decision as it is to make this sort of change, the answer is pretty simple and decidedly terrestrial. We’re trying to help a lot of folks do a big thing: eat better to live better. We have a clear vision of the new mix of personalization, chef variety and simple choice that task calls for.

Staring at that lift… we wanted — nay, we needed— a flag to carry that better reflects that vision and inspires us (and we hope our customers) as we chase it.

Since the earliest days of the company, the thing that’s jacked us up the most (and what many of us experienced personally before getting on this train) is that eating better and moving more makes crazy-good stuff possible in people’s lives.

Stuff of all shapes and sizes… like big health gains, folks finding the courage to make that career change or try that new activity, feeling better, looking better, performing better, making daily life with an illness more manageable, getting an upward spiral of good decisions kicked up and up. If we can play even a small role in helping things like this happen, that’s a hell of a thing for our crew.

Yeah we’re into food and nutrition. And yeah, we’re into moving in all sorts of ways that gets our hearts pumping. But… what’s the thing that really feeds our soul, that keeps us going through the many ups and downs of building something new, that keeps kicking us in the ass to create a better experience?

It’s helping more people find the magic that happens when you dial-in eating and moving just right to nurture the life you want.

So much of that magic is, to our eye, about adventure. About what you can go off and do in life when your health engine’s really firing.

As we dug in this past year on a bunch of needed improvements to our game — and stared down the huge effort, and yet more risk, it would take to get there — we wanted to march under a banner that speaks more loudly to new places, to exploration, and what’s out there beyond where each of us is today.

For us, that’s Territory, and this taste more of life feeling we hope we’ve started capturing in this video (featuring folks from our very own crew as well as advisor Mark Sisson).

We’re pumped about this new chapter and hope folks we serve now (and might soon) dig the wanderlust and striving behind it too. More importantly, we hope they’ll like the improvements coming as we don this new and motivating travel gear for our merry little band.

Now it’s onward to keep getting after that vision, and to as much adventure as we can support or find.

So what’s carrying Over and what’s new/improved?

In a nutshell, bunch of good stuff carries over so if you don’t want to mess with your existing order with us, you don’t need to. Then some new stuff we’re psyched about based on longstanding requests, and a focus for us on helping people tune the menu to their specific approaches/preferences.

Carrying over:

  • Still the same team of nutrition/movement junkies serving you, we didn’t sell the company
  • Same tasty food made by our local chefs (always adding new meals to the line up)
  • Pricing (no shift in pricing as we roll out this new stuff)
  • Your order
  • Your food preferences
  • Your referral code
  • Your delivery
  • Gift cards
  • Meal credits
  • Past meal reviews

New and Improved:

  • New suit of clothes and name
  • Macros info on every meal label
  • Easier choosing of meals, including a starting set of photographs of the meals, finally
  • Upgraded mobile experience
  • Support for nutritional approaches like macros, Whole30, Mediterranean, Pre and Post-natal
  • More recyclable/sustainable packaging — no more Saran Wrap! (starting week of 5/15)
  • Supporting additional giveback partners both national and local
  • Website: territoryfoods.com
  • Social media: @territoryfoods

Few additional Qs to call out…

1. Haven’t ordered in a while, if I come back for another order, will I have to create a new account?
If you’ve been using our “one time order” feature or have recently paused a recurring order you will not have to create a new account. If you have canceled your account in the past, you will need to sign up again and set your preferences.

2. I’m counting my macros, is there new stuff to help me do that?
Yep, pumped to take some new steps down the path of supporting folks trying to dial in their macros. 3 new things to call out there:

New low fat and low carb menu filters — so you can easily find
minimum 3–5 meals weekly that hit these common macro adjustments that can also be a tough part of the adjustment.

Macro info on every meal label — whatever macro mix you’re going for,
now you can easily eye the breakdown for any meal with your food in hand.

More expansive online macro info — including a pie chart display for quick scanning as well as the full numbers.

3. Help me understand the new filters concept better?
We grew up serving active people with a menu rooted in real, whole foods, no ingredients containing gluten or dairy and an emphasis on nutrient dense meals and menus. As we’ve grown and the menus have expanded, we realized that core approach can support lots of different dietary preferences or goals. And we know too that customers (us too) like to try different things and move around the menu. I started Paleo for example, now am more of a Mixitarian guy and am starting to play around with veg only.

So for the new site, we created a starting set of filters (influenced a bunch by popular requests from customers and partners) to help people sort the menu based on different approaches and goals. Of course the tried and true… Paleo and Mixitarian, Veg too in some spots. But also some cool new ones for things like different macro goals, Whole30, dietary approaches like Mediterranean, taking a red meat break, etc.

Not all will result in the same number of meals each week as we get rolling. But we’ve aimed for a minimum of 3–5 meals/week so all routes lead to some meaningful relief for the cooking agenda. We’ll keep tuning and experimenting as we go but hope folks dig this new set of personalization levers.

As always shout (hello@territoryfoods.com) with questions and we’re here to lend a hand. ’Til then here’s to eating better, moving more, and all the fun stuff together they make possible. Like zipping across the playground with your daughter!

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