Whole30 Day 8: Signs Delivered and A Few Hella Quick Meal Hacks

by Jen Burdick
Whole30 Day 8: Signs Delivered and A Few Hella Quick Meal Hacks

Last night we had settled down for dinner, cracked a LaCroix and were devouring both our salmon/veggie bonanza and Prince Philip’s flashbacks to his trials and tribulations at Gordonstoun. We hit pause for a pee break.

Toilet doesn’t flush. Frick.

We check the bathroom faucet — no dice.

Head to the kitchen sink, hope with all our might, andddd … nada.

We’re waterless. The ice storm seems to have left its mark.

We regroup, convince ourselves that it’s no biggy — certain we’ll be back in biz in a few minutes. We settle back down into the flashback juxtaposition of Prince Philip and tiny Prince Charles.

Enter blackness.


The daunting sound of all the power being zapped around you is not an awesome one — and while I had hoped it was Dumbledore outside with his deluminator, had a feeling we weren’t being whisked away to Hogwarts. We were waterless, powerless, and potentially most annoyingly, Crownless.

My husband is quick to remind me just how privileged I am that I’m not often without today’s modern luxuries. He’s also quick to share his stories from his time in the Peace Corps when he functioned without said luxuries on the day to day. Ok, buddy. I get it. But, right here and right now — let me be mad about not getting my nightly dose of British royalty.

We fumble around to light some candles, and naturally our lighter runs out of propane. Frickity frack. We find some back up matches to make things manageable. Brush our teeth with the help of the precious water from our water bottles, and call it a very early night in hopes we wake in the morn to all things restored.

Morning wins! Girl’s got her power and water back!


I love me some signs delivered from the universe. You know, the tiny occurrences that happen, people you meet, things you hear that are so eerily connected to your current state of being that you either write off as a bizarre coincidence and tally another point on the ‘right place at the right time’ board OR if you’re like yours truly, you eat that ish UP and put an unfair amount of trust in the power of the universe and sink your heels deeper into the belief that ‘everything happens for a reason’.

So today, with a renewed sense of appreciation for things that I don’t appreciate nearly enough, I’ve convinced myself that last night’s adventure was the dose of perspective setting that I needed. A reminder that things can go sideways real friggin quick, and what you take for granted, may decide to stop working on you.

Enter first mention of the Whole30 in what’s supposed to be a Whole30 blog post. The healing magic these 30 days can bring is some pretty powerful stuff. I’m committing to these 30 (now almost 22!) days as a means to start reversing my self-induced damage. I’m not tryin’ to have my plumbing and electrical system short out on me anytime soon. Just like the morning restored all the things — I’ve got a hunch this Whole30 has potential to do the same for the ‘ol bod.

As I round out my first full week, and motivation transitions from a boil to a simmer, imma let my cheesy universal signs do their thing to my mental health. If cheesy doesn’t do it for you (hilarious Whole30 joke) perhaps some meal hacks I’ve experience over the past 24 hours will. They’ve lifted my spirits and fought the crap out of my ever-growing cravings.

Salmon/Veggie Bonanza aforementioned. It’s not pop-the-top-off-your-Territory-meal-and-eat-it quick, but we had this baby prepped and out of the oven in about 20 minutes. Crazy easy, fast and super tasty.

  • Salmon fillet: olive oil, salt & pepper
  • Chopped veggies of your choosing: drizzled w/olive oil and salt
  • 450 degrees for 6 min, then flip the fillet for another 6 min or so

Today’s lunch brought to you by a bag of kale, a few pistachios, pine nuts, and the basil chicken from this Territory meal. Something I totally encourage you to try if you don’t already — use parts of your T meals to supplement your own cooking/prep. Extends the meals and your sanity.


PSA: if you reside in the DC, SoCal, San Francisco or Dallas areas and want to give Territory’s Whole30 Approved meals a whirl, use code JANW30 when creating your account to snag $50 off your first order. Or just click the magic box below.

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