Whole30 Day 30: Clean Gut and Grateful Heart

by Jen Burdick

Holy friggin moly, you guys. DAY 3–0. I’ve got all the feels over here as we round out what has turned out to be a heck of a month, to say the least.

As a nod to Tara’s Day 29 NSV celebratory post, January’s jam most certainly is Started From the Bottom. And while I may not be ending at the same level as Drake, I feel like the strides I made between January 1 and 31 are nearly as significant.


Of all the competing feels swirling around in my head and heart, gratitude is what’s screaming the loudest. So, I shall let its voice be heard with a short, and very non-exhaustive list of thank yous.

Tara. My hilarious blogmate, who has made this experience exponentially more fun than I could’ve ever imagined. May I rise to your giphy game level some day. Until then, please soak up our home goods magazine cover. We celebrated today with cranberry sparkling water and posed casually on a leather loveseat together.

Team Mariah. Coined after Mariah Carey’s ridiculous rant on NYE about hot tea. The motley crew of fam/friends who conquered their own January Whole30, kept the snark, encouragement, and hilarity STRONG each and every day. Kudos, team.

My cookie sheet. Which converted to our oven vessel for literally every sheet pan recipe on the interwebs.

Roasted cherry tomatoes. For teaching my taste buds how to live.

Ember. My sweet dear, Ember mug. Thank you for being the shining star each and every morning. Your performance doesn’t go unnoticed.

Day By Day. You, little guy, transformed round two of Whole30 for me. Thank you for the fortune telling, the tough love, the normalizing, and for forcing me to write down my feelings day in and day out. I hated it, and I loved it.

Instant Pot. For being literally the best. You cooked our spaghetti squashes in a cool 10 minutes. I’m eternally grateful.

Hot tea. The nectar of the gods. Your soothing touch helped me forget I wanted to bathe in chocolate post din din days 1–15.

Yuca. My carb of choice over the past 30 days. Thank you for tasting like heaven when I make tiny yuca/avocado sammies. Seriously. You’re the best, don’t ever change.

January 1 feels. I think of you often. I wonder how I ever managed to peel myself from the couch and crawl the 10 ft to the bathroom. Appreciate you being the moment in time I will use as my “never again” anchor when making food and beverage decisions moving forward.

Melissa. Oh, mother Melissa. Big ‘ol shoutout for CREATING THE WHOLE30. Your voice, both in daily literature, and insta stories, was a grounding source of inspiration. As were/are your abs.

Territory. Oh LAWD! I maybe, kinda, sorta could’ve completed my Whole30 without your assist, but I would’ve been incredibly malnourished from the 5,000 RX bars I would’ve solely relied on. It’s hard to articulate the amount of gratitude I have toward our chefs, delivery crew, and the entire team that ensured we got our insanely tasty Whole30 compliant meals each week. Real talk. I’m humbled by the work this crew does day in and day out, and inspired beyond belief by the transformations that happens when clean eating is at the center of it all.

So, before they start playing the dreaded “get off the stage” music, I’ll make my exit.

Cheers to you, the Reintroduction fun ahead, and the journey to define your very own Food Freedom.


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