Whole30 Day 13: Let’s make this supes offish, shall we?

by Tara Clever
Whole30 Day 13: Let’s make this supes offish, shall we?

In what I am certain is a Whole30 related phenomenon, I am finding that I am a much better truth-teller to myself these days. Me and my internal dialogue have historically had a complicated relationship.

Intention is like, “Okay Self, plan for tomorrow, we will wake up at 6am tomorrow get some laundry started, knock out a few hours of work and then go on a quick jog to Acro Yoga. After Acro, some pour-over coffee while trying our hand at beat poetry. After the poems are written, hop on a few calls, finish up the workday and get home in time cook a new recipe, clean and be journaling on the couch with organic chamomile tea by 9:00pm to ensure 8 hours of sleep.

Self is like, “Man, that sounds awesome, Intention. I’ve never done Acro Yoga before and you really think I’d be good a beat poetry?”

Intention, “Yeah, absolutely! It’s like I always say, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

Self, “That so weird, I just pinned that on Pinterest.”

Intention, “I know.”

Self, “Right, okay. Yeah, so for the poetry I should find a beret, like Cher in Clueless?”

Intention, “Exactly like Cher from Clueless.”

Dat jumper tho.

Alarm goes off. Yoga and beat poetry are snoozed and somehow I feel vaguely guilty about not accomplishing two brand new hobbies and a four course meal on a Wednesday.

Despite my tenuous relationship with Intention, at the beginning of this Whole30 journey I decided to restart the gratitude journal that I wrote in it for awhile, but somehow went the way of my ill-fated beret. But with the new year and the start of my Whole30 I thought it would be nice to have something holding my view to the positive when I wanted to throat-punch strangers while inhaling a triple pepperoni jumbo slice with my free hand.

I am happy to report that I have written in it every single day in 2018, which is a pretty serious long streak for me and my on-again-off-again boo, Intention.

To prove it, I give you a sampling of things I have actually written as things I am grateful for in my journal.

  • Taste of oranges.
  • Lemonade flavored Kombucha (from GTS… it is so bomb)
  • First meal out of the house in thirteen days (it was Cava, and it was delicious)
  • The feeling of checking off the “I Did It Box” in the Day by Day Journal

Safe to say my Whole30 experience has left me with a lot to be grateful for, and has officially taken over 100% of my brain.

But other things are happening too! Like when Intention and I decide to get laundry done, I do laundry. When we decide to meal prep, we meal prep. It’s an incredible feeling to consistently tell the truth to yourself and not battle the fog that somehow gobbles up good intentions with rationalizations on how it can wait until tomorrow while scrolling Facebook.

I know it has to do with my energy levels, no recovery needed after a night out with friends, and the ridiculously deep sleep that I am starting to get (super weird dreams anyone…just me?). I feel like I have extra hours in the day, and that seems like a Day 13 win worth reporting here.

I now realize that my complicated relationship with Intention had a lot to do with nutrition, but now things seem to be getting preeeeeety serious between us. Here’s hoping that Tiger Blood will come along and make this relationship supes offish.

In a ridiculously unrelated note, but with pride so great I can’t help but post, look at how much freaking kale I ate this week!

And yes that says Family Sized. And yes that bag is the size of a human toddler.

Last thing, if you haven’t read Jen’s weekend adventure that involved freezing in the woods and then thawing out, bougie style check that out here.

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