Who says dialogue is dead? Let’s have some!

by Robert Morton
Who says dialogue is dead? Let’s have some!

In over 100 customer conversations I’ve had with folks in recent months, I keep hearing this “why” for turning to us:

“I want to eat healthier but it’s taking a LOT of effort and headspace. I want you to help me do it with a much smaller time and mental energy commitment so I can focus on other life stuff that’s also important to me, while still feeling like I’m making good food choices, that I’ll enjoy.”

Cool to hear because it rings so true with why we started the company in the first place. Eating better had become an important piece of the wellbeing puzzle for my co-founder Patrick but he wanted a better way to sustainably integrate it into his life. So, naturally, he started a company to do so and not long after, I joined him to put my shoulder to the wheel.

Fast forward 6 years and the resulting org has helped a lot of folks eat and live better which is super gratifying for our whole team. At the same time, in some ways we feel like we’re just beginning to understand the full picture of this job customers hire us for. And we see so much room to do it better!

Thus I have a new gig leading our effort to understand customer needs better and help folks make more progress on those needs. My business-y title is Chief Customer Officer. I think of it more as Chief Curiosity Officer or Head Listener… i.e. learning all we can to build an experience that nails this “make a hard and important thing, easy” job.

Already what I’m learning has been super motivating. There’s a palpable energy boost in knowing we can play a role in helping folks with important wellbeing stuff like stress, mental energy and where they spend their time to greatest reward.

It’s also sharpening our focus and calling out high priority areas of the experience to dig in on, like the better menu recommendations we’ve been talking with some of you about already.

Which brings me back to the beginning here. Conversation with you is the fuel this improvement effort runs on best. So I’ll be leading an ongoing dialogue with customers that I hope you’ll join.

Conversation topic #1? Meal ratings. We’ve been tinkering with them to figure out how make smarter menu recommendations based on your preferences. So that you get more of what you want, less of what you don’t… with a lower and lower lift.

Two asks in that regard:

  1. If you haven’t tried rating meals, give it a whirl and let us know how you found the process. Click Your Order, then select any week you’ve received meals.
  2. If you’ve used reviews in the past: let us know why, what did they help you do?

Got lots of channels in mind for this exchange in the future, but to keep it simple for now, email is the best spot to shoot any thoughts: [email protected].

I’ll also be reaching out sometimes to chat 1:1 so thanks in advance for giving a look if you see me come electronically knocking.

Beyond the specific ask above, love to hear from you about your nutrition journey. As I’ll be writing about more, I’m a committed nutrition nerd, wellbeing tinkerer and movement enthusiast. I jumped on board this crazy ride 6 years ago from the relatively safe climes of a big software company because I’d had my own nutrition/movement restart. I.e. this stuff’s important to me, I LOVE talking on it and sharing what I’ve learned.

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