What you and your meals gave back

by Robert Morton
What you and your meals gave back

With the year just wrapped up and giving still on the mind, it’s a good time for an update on some of the impact you made in 2017 through our Giveback program, which sets aside a portion of meal sales proceeds to fund the work of non-profits improving food access.

Two updates for you… first up, our longest standing partner the Arcadia Center for Sustainable Food and Agriculture. In your name we sponsor Arcadia’s Mobile Market, a farmers market on wheels that brings high quality, fresh and locally grown food to underserved communities in and around Washington.

In particular Territory Giveback funds go to one of the Mobile Market’s matching programs, “Bonus Bucks” which matches food stamp currency like SNAP for purchasing pastured animal proteins such as local eggs and chicken.

“Arcadia’s special sauce is affordable, high quality, locally raised foods in convenient locations. That’s what everyone wants, and Territory helps Arcadia make that possible in less affluent neighborhoods.” Pam Hess, Executive Director

In addition to the financial support, we love getting out to volunteer and interact with customers at Mobile Market stops during the season. If you’re interested in that sort of thing there are lots of opportunities which you can learn more about here.

Another org we started supporting this year with impact across the country is National Farm to School Network (NFSN) which is all about connecting children and local farms for better food access.

In particular your meals support their ongoing advocacy efforts, like working with a network of nonprofits to get state/federal grant funding so school districts can buy food from local farmers in their communities. An effort that’s resulted in $800 million of food purchased in a recent census, with overall economic impact of over $1 billion for the communities involved!

And Giveback funds also go to farm to school awareness building efforts through NFSN’s National Farm to School Month in October.

More to come on Giveback work across the communities we serve in ‘18. Thanks for pulling up a chair and helping us support these good works. Got ideas for non-profits the Giveback could support in your area? Shoot them over to ideas@territoryfoods.com.

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