What to Eat After Giving Birth: How a Healthy Diet Can Help New Moms Heal

by Danielle McAvoy
What to Eat After Giving Birth: How a Healthy Diet Can Help New Moms Heal

For new moms, functions as basic as a shower can feel like a luxury. While it sometimes seems like all your time and energy goes toward caring for your new baby, in the background your body is healing from a significant physical feat. These conditions combine to make good nutrition for a new mom both essential and challenging.

Many new moms need help making sure they maintain a healthy diet while they’re dealing with the stress (and joys) of caring for their baby.  That’s partly because planning balanced meals, cooking, and cleaning up are often right up there with showers as just not happening. One of the best ways to get back to feeling your best is with food.

The physical trauma of childbirth causes inflammation that can slow down the healing process. Stress and lack of sleep —- two givens when caring for a newborn— are also major causes of inflammation. Eating nourishing, non-inflammatory foods is an effective way to reduce inflammation and accelerate recovery. 

Additionally, as if navigating new-mom hood isn’t hard enough, many women are advised to make big dietary changes, such as avoiding dairy, if it’s suspected that their baby may have an allergy or sensitivity. 

Eating a balanced diet speeds up the healing process, helps recalibrate hormones, and maintains the energy required to care for a newborn, especially if breastfeeding.  For most new moms, a balanced diet means a variety of lean proteins, vegetables and fruits, whole grains, legumes and healthy fats. Whole grains and legumes are key sources of fiber, which will help alleviate the all too common post-pregnancy constipation. Fiber also prevents spikes in blood sugar that can affect hunger and mood hormones. 

To all the new mamas: we see you. Territory offers the nutrition support you need. Built on a foundation of non-inflammatory and nutrient-dense foods, our meals are 100% free of dairy, gluten, processed oils and sugars, and anything artificial. Whether you are learning how to eat dairy-free for the first time or simply don’t have two hands for cooking, you deserve expert support. When you need a chef to make delicious food you can trust to fuel you to be the best mom you can be, Territory’s got you.

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