Updates from week 1 as Territory

by Robert Morton

Week 1 as Territory is in the books, still the same crew as before making it all happen, now 1 week wiser under this new banner. Here’s a quick update from the road so far. Thanks again for engaging with us in this new world, sharing encouragement on what you like, direct feedback on what you don’t and pardoning some dust. We so appreciate it all.

To the updates… 1) new packaging in the wild 2) quick how to videos on a few popular website q’s, 3) recap on some priority areas we’re working to refine this week.

New packaging in the wild

The new recyclable cardboard packaging debuted this week, along with updated labels now including macros. Pretty excited about the end of plastic wrap to bundle orders, and macro info now on each meal label. Two things I liked most with my order… not wrestling with a big ball of plastic wrap (and the associated ball of guilt when dropping it in the trash) to check out my meal selection, and taking the whole pack and putting it the fridge for easy access rest of the week. Looking forward to hearing from folks about their experience.

Keeping good company with the Mothers’ Day flowers.

How-to videos on 3 common questions from the 1st week

Customize your menu to find the meals that’ll suit you best (or leave the choosing to us)…

Change the settings of your recurring weekly plan when you need to adjust…

Update your billing info…

Areas we’re working to refine

Here are a few additional areas where we saw some consistent questions and are working to tighten up:

  • Feature v. simplicity balance — a commonly cited strength of our previous site was simplicity. At the same time customers really wanted more info (photos, preference tools) for customizing their menu, and to be able to do that BEFORE they bought, versus only coming back after the fact. In the new site we’ve added some of these capabilities which has impacted simplicity in some spots. So we’re working on that balance.
  • Pausing orders 4+ weeks out — Always have to make tough calls in a new launch and upgrading the pausing experience across more than 4 weeks out (used to be 8) was one of those spots that didn’t make the cut but is on the list for the weeks to come.

Thanks for all your feedback. Keep it coming and shout anytime with questions at hello@territoryfoods.com.

p.s. if you haven’t seen it, check out this video we had tons of fun making with members of our team and the great Mark Sisson… gets at the spirit behind this new chapter.

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