Territory Celebrates International Women’s Day: Q&A with Chief of Staff Caitlin Bartlow

by Emily Drewry
Territory Celebrates International Women’s Day: Q&A with Chief of Staff Caitlin Bartlow

At Territory we know that women of all backgrounds impact the world every day, and we are so proud to have a majority female executive team to lead us through thick and thin. To celebrate these incredible women, and all women on International Women’s Day and throughout Women’s History Month, we sat down with our female executives to speak about their journeys and how they got to where they are today.


How long have you been with Territory and what do you love most about working here?

I have been with Territory for a year and a half.  What I enjoy most about working at Territory is the team — you won’t find a smarter, kinder or more passionate group of people anywhere else!


What is your role at Territory and what do you do?

I am Chief of Staff here at Territory which means I get to work super cross-functionally and focus on strategic initiatives and innovation. My day to day is always different but I spend most of my time working with our functional teams to build strategies and foster collaboration.


To celebrate International Women’s Day, can you tell us who your female role model is?

I don’t have a single role model but I view all of the strong women in my life as role models. I have been fortunate throughout my career to work with a number of amazing female leaders who have all impacted the way I lead, the way I build relationships and the way I deliver results at work.  

Additionally, throughout my childhood (and still today), my parents instilled in me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.  Growing up, my Mom was a role model of hardwork and determination.  This foundation has also set me up for success — it is practically in my DNA that being a woman does not alter my ability to achieve what I want.


Territory’s executive team is led by women. What’s that like, and how does that compare to the industry as a whole?

I find it to be inspiring!  And I believe we are leading by doing.  

I have mostly worked for female leaders and I have seen and experienced first hand the adversity that can exist because of gender biases. I am incredibly grateful to have worked with these leaders and witnessed their strength and determination in combating stereotypes. 

Having a female-led exec team is not the norm for most companies currently but it is something we need to foster. Diversity in all facets is a critical component of building successful teams and businesses.  


Thank you, Caitlin, for everything you’ve done for all of the staff at Territory!

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