Territory Celebrates International Women’s Day: Q&A with CEO Ellis McCue

by Emily Drewry
Territory Celebrates International Women’s Day: Q&A with CEO Ellis McCue

At Territory we know that women of all backgrounds impact the world every day, and we are so proud to have a majority female executive team to lead us through thick and thin. To celebrate these incredible women, and all women on International Women’s Day and throughout Women’s History Month, we sat down with our female executives to speak about their journeys and how they got to where they are today.


How long have you been with Territory and what do you love most about working here?

I’ve been with Territory for just over two years but it’s my heart and soul. We are on a mission to empower our customers, and get to do it through incredible food. It’s the best job and I’m lucky to be working alongside a mission-driven, passionate team that strives to build a better world every day. 


What is your role at Territory and what do you do?

I have the privilege of leading the team! As the CEO, I get to see all the inner workings of the business from the 36k foot view while keeping an eye on the competitive landscape and rapidly evolving consumer world. I also get to represent Territory in the world of partnership companies and investors – we have an amazing mission to serve our customers and I’m so proud to represent the company every day. 


To celebrate International Women’s Day, can you tell us who your female role model is?

This is cheesy, but it’s my mom! She and my father had a small business that they poured their lives into – every night, every weekend – and she always had very high standards for anything that carried her name, or the business name. They were incredibly proud of the business they built, and strived to create value in their community, and give back in meaningful ways, even when it wasn’t easy. This gave me my hustle DNA, my perfectionism and my belief that we should build a company that goes beyond food in a box. It’s our job as business leaders to drive the community toward a better tomorrow.


What advice would you give women who want to be leaders?

Don’t give up, but focus on happiness. Cheesy, I know. I think too often women feel compelled to be “hard” and put on a fake version of themselves to win. This is a recipe for 10 years in a career you don’t love and feeling lost later in life. You still have to work hard, and sometimes the grind is the grind, but happiness is important because it makes you a stronger leader, a better worker and a more passionate person in your work and personal life. Don’t shy away from happiness because of a fear of seeming weak – you deserve to enjoy your life. 


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Thank you, Ellis, for being such a wonderful leader for Territory!

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