Some new support steps for macros counters

by Robert Morton

Writing with some cliff notes for you on the latest steps we’re taking to support eaters who focus their nutrition efforts on the amount of macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) they’re taking in, a.k.a “counting your macros.” Part of our larger nutritional charter to provide a simple menu foundation for intentional AND delicious eating, as well as personalization tools you can use to fine tune as your goals evolve.

Three things to call out in this improvement batch which was guided by lots of good feedback from customers (thank you!):

  • Macros now at the menu level — whatever menu you’re checking out, you can now see calorie and macro information for every meal all in one spot, rather than having to drill down to an individual meal to see its nutritional info. See it live on this week’s menu.
Here’s the view when customizing my order.
  • New “Macro Balance” filter — shows all Standard size meals that have <20g of fat, >40g of carbs and >30g of protein. We have two existing filters which focus purely on fat grams (<25 and <20) and leave further macro tuning to you. This newest addition provides a shortcut for those who are looking for Standard size meals with higher carbs and protein while maintaining low fat. We’re looking into similar capability for Boost sized meals.
Here’s the view when browsing the menu.
  • Continued MyFitnessPal meal entry — we’re continuing to build out updated entries of our meals in MFP, adding to ones already there from customers, for easy and quick logging of nutritional info in our meals as part of your overall daily intake.

Best way to use these new tools? Start with menu filters, then customize as you see fit using the improved macro info on the menu.

That recommendation comes straight from how customers tell me they use our menu filters…as a handy starting point to view the menu through the lens of their goals. Then they customize from there if need be based on what stands out most about the week’s menu, i.e. other meals that look good, that get close to their macros or that they want to splurge on, etc.

Hope you find these new steps helpful. I say “steps” because while we’re pumped to keep moving down the path, there’s lots more in our sights that we’re excited to keep bringing to the table. And we’d LOVE to keep getting your counsel along the way.

So please keep the ideas and feedback coming at General react, new things you’d like to see… all good… we want to hear from you. Including if you’re game to hop on the phone with me for in-person feedback gabbing (which I LOVE).

And of course if you have questions about your specific order, we’re at the ready at

As always, thanks for pulling up a chair.

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