More Support For Low-carb/Keto-friendly Eating

by Robert Morton
More Support For Low-carb/Keto-friendly Eating
We’re pumped to share that we’ve taken another step down the path toward fuller support for folks on the low carb dietary spectrum, including adding a beta Ketogenic-friendly menu. Starting with our SoCal menu (now live in DC and DFW, too!), you’ll now see an expanded low-carb menu, which includes at least 8 options each week labeled “Keto-friendly”. We’ve designed the beta Keto menu so that each meal contains 15g or less of net carbs, high in quality fats, moderate in protein, plenty of veggies, and free of dairy-containing ingredients.

Why this move?

Few things we love more than chatting personalized nutrition. Yes, a buzzy term in some quarters. But in its truest meaning, personalization is so important and appropriate to the cause of eating better.

Each of us runs best on different nutrition fuel. And even that unique mix likely evolves over time as do our needs, goals, bodies, etc. No doubt there are some core principles of real, whole, unprocessed food we all do well to lean on. There’s also a pretty wide variety of approaches under that heading that can deliver good health results.

From low fat, to low carb, ingredient-focused diets, mixes in between, etc. Across all these, you’ll find people achieving good success, often as a result of cycling through different approaches to find what works best for them.

Most recently, we’ve been hearing a bunch from folks exploring the low carb spectrum, including Ketogenic approaches. Whether they’re going for it full time or just getting a reset, the message has been consistent. It’s hard on the food prep front. And it’s really hard to keep it interesting.

Our hope is that this latest rev down the low-carb path provides a much needed assist for those that have found a limited carb intake leaves them feeling their best.

Few headlines

  1. We see this beta step as just that, a step. Much more to learn and do as we build further support for low carb/keto-friendly eating, which itself is no monolith and has within in lots of important differences in approach, reasons for trying, patterns for using.
  2. Just like with other macro and ingredient-based approaches we support, we encourage anyone new to the low carb/keto world to read up, consult with a nutritionist/physician, and figure out a game plan that makes most sense for you.
  3. For those of you already down this path, we hope you’ll give this expanded menu a try and send us feedback. Helps us keep chopping wood to make it better.

Achieving nutrition gains and the wellbeing advances that come with them, is about food that’ll work your tastes, your nutritional plan, your lifestyle. The help you get from us should follow. We hope this step starts doing that better for those of you finding good gains in the low carb/keto-friendly world.

Mixed Green Salad w/ Buffalo Chicken and Cumin Dressing: 6g net carbs

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