Macro Tracking with My Fitness Pal

By Carina Morgan
May 2, 2019

Account Set Up

First, log on to to create your account name & password.

Entering your Nutrition Targets

Click on the “Goals” tab & you can manually change your macronutrient goals.

Here, you can upgrade your subscription (about 0/mo) to have more control with a setting. This allows you to add your macros* in grams vs percentages. If you don’t want to spend the money, keeping the percentages will be accurate more often than not.

To ensure the app is tracking the correct nutrients, go to food → settings and make sure that fat, protein, carb, and fiber are all checked.

*Not sure what your macro percentages are yet? Email [email protected] for a custom, individualized plan to fit your unique dietary needs.

Start Tracking: How To

Adding Food

Click on food database and enter the food you want to log. The system will bring up the options; select the best one and then add it to whatever meal you’re logging (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Adding Food via Recipes

You can also input recipes from the internet or manually by going to food → recipes. You can copy & paste the URL into the website or manually enter it. Always double check their work – it is a computer system, and it does make errors occasionally. For example, if you enter in blueberries, and for some reason the website pulls dried blueberries instead of fresh, the calorie & carb count will be exponentially higher.

Macros at a Glance

Look at your Food Diary to see what your macros look like for the day. This way you can see how much protein, fat, and carb grams you still have allotted for the rest of the day.

Pro Tip – Logging In Advance

One trick that works well for lots of folks is planning your meals in advance and logging them the night prior. This takes away the time-consuming and repetitive nature of tracking throughout the day. If you make any adjustments day of to what you eat, it’s a quick fix.

Finding Territory Meals on My Fitness Pal

For the ease of tracking, all of our meals are loaded in My Fitness Pal. We want it to be as easy and convenient as possible for you to achieve your nutrition & fitness goals.

  • To find our meals, simply enter in and your meal should pop up in your search.
  • Example: Territory Foods (DFW) Ground Turkey Chili Verde – Boost w/ sauce
  • Don’t see a meal? Email [email protected] and we’ll work to make it right.

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