by Marissa Sherman

“Even though you may know me only for pasta, I actually like eating and cooking with vegetables all of the time. Going to the farmer’s market, being inspired by the colors of nature, and all of those bright, vibrant flavors, and that is how I came up with these two Territory meals for all of you to enjoy.”

Chef Joe Sasto, who specializes in Italian health food, has brought two new, delicious meals to Territory: Italian Quinoa Bowl with Citrus Hibiscus Pork & Roasted Red Pepper Dressing and Italian Quinoa Bowl with Sweet Potatoes & Roasted Red Pepper Dressing. His meals are inspired by Italy and bountiful California – and his vigor for creating these meals just for Territory is unmatched. 

“I know Territory does a lot of these fun bowls using all clean ingredients, sustainably sourced. I was inspired to make my Territory meals Italian grain-bowl style and pulling in my love for California kale.”


Get to know Chef Joe Sasto, his cooking inspiration, and the story behind his healthy Territory meal inspired by Italian and Californian influences:

Joe dove head-first into the restaurant industry by mentoring under some of the Bay Area’s most acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs. After facing initial struggles as a result of not attending culinary school, he opened his own restaurant in Ukiah, California, where he quickly graduated to sous-chef. Since then, he has been working in Michelin-starred restaurants for the vast majority of his career. 

Joe first appeared on Bravo’s Top Chef in season 15, where he finished in the top 3. He was later invited back as a contestant on Season 17 of Top Chef All Stars.

“Food has power… It has the power to not only create and evoke memories and happiness, it has the power to bring people together. Even when we are far apart, it is FOOD that still connects us all.”

If you’re ready to taste more than a meal, we’re ready to deliver fresh and famous flavors right to your door. Order your meal by Chef Joe now!

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