Dietitians’ Favorite Fruits and Vegetables You Need to Start Eating Right Now

by Danielle McAvoy
Dietitians’ Favorite Fruits and Vegetables You Need to Start Eating Right Now

It’s kind of a given that the members of Territory’s culinary and nutrition team are a bit obsessed with food. We have four registered dietitians at Territory who all love and appreciate vegetables for their vast health benefits, and flavor!

As the weather changes and one season’s bounty replaces another, we relish the return of our favorite ingredients and the possibility of exploring something new. We asked the culinary and nutrition team at Territory to share some of the plant based ingredients they are currently loving, and here’s the roundup of our current faves:

Bill, Territory Senior Manager of Culinary Operations:

“The most interesting item I’ve been eating is Kasha (buckwheat groats). It was something I ate a lot as a kid and reintroduced to myself recently. It usually incorporates chicken fat or stock and farfalle noodles alongside a tomato braised brisket. But the grain itself is so flavorful you can eat it with just some sautéed mirepoix and mushrooms mixed in. Very healthy and hearty. Most recently I made a mushroom and potato paprikash to eat with it.”

Richlee, Territory EliteEats General Manager:

“Jackfruit. I love its versatility as a protein alternative due to its density and texture qualities when braised or shredded.”

Jackfruit is a good source of fiber and potassium, with over 700mg in just one serving. Find jackfruit in Territory’s Vitabowl by Dominique Crenn Spicy Jackfruit and Black Bean Bowl on our West Coast menus.

Stefan, Territory Head of Culinary:

“Just one? This is like asking which kid I love more! Ok…

  1. Morels: They first pop up in spring and are usually really difficult to find in stores. Your best bet is to head to a local farmers market and find a local farmer. Morels have a nutty, earthy flavor. They have a meaty texture but they’re still tender. Don’t get too fancy, a sauté with light olive oil or butter, finished with salt, pepper and a little thyme is all you need.
  1. Tomatoes: There are so many varietals and they have the perfect bite of acid and sweetness. I would again encourage people to head to their local farmers markets and look for heirloom tomatoes, but you can find commercialized versions in supermarkets now. They’ll come in all shapes and sizes and colors which leaves your options endless when it comes to creating the most colorful spring and summer tomato salad you’ve ever had.

  1. Strawberries: They’re one of the most low-carb friendly fruits. You can put these in anything to add sweetness, in salads, and in desserts of course. Pair them with balsamic vinegar and basil for more savory applications (like on top of a grilled chicken breast) or tossed with lemon and honey for a quick, easy and guilt-free dessert. You can even roast strawberries with light honey.”

Find rainbow cherry tomatoes in Territory’s Kale Caesar Salad with Baked Salmon on the East Coast menu.

Daniel, Territory Regional Shipping Culinary Manager:

“I love cooking with tofu, but not in the normal way. If you’ve got a good blender and some technique. Super firm or just firm tofu puree is a killer heavy cream replacement. It’s best with strong flavored sauces. Green curry is an excellent use. I’ve also flavored it to replace Mexican Crema in elotes. High quality chocolate melted down into the puree makes a texture better than milk-based chocolate mousse. If you use medium or silken tofu you will be disappointed. Super firm/firm tofu puree is highly underrated!”

Phill, Territory DC-Area Culinary Manager: 

“Fresh herbs – some of my favorite plant ingredients to use and incorporate in cooking are fresh herbs. Fresh herbs are one of the most under-utilized and overlooked ingredients in day-to-day home cooking. You can freshen up any dish and highlight the star ingredients by adding in some freshly minced parsley, thyme, mint… the list goes on. One of my favorite ways to utilize mint is by incorporating into a Mediterranean-style grain salad which adds a bright flavor and texture.”

Find fresh mint in Territory’s North African-Style Chickpeas with Apricot Glazed Carrots and Minted Quinoa on the East Coast menu.

Danielle, Territory Senior Manager of Nutrition:

“I’m on a Daikon radish kick – they are sweeter and milder than red radishes, and more versatile because of their shape. They’re good shredded in slaws or salads, but my favorite way to eat them is pickled. I got a jar of gin & ginger pickled daikon radish at the farmer’s market a couple weeks ago. They were described as “like eating a dirty martini,” and I am now obsessed. Daikon radishes are also a good source of potassium and Vitamin C.”

Riley, Territory Director of Culinary Partnerships:

“Lately I’m loving Chanterelle Mushrooms, Purple Sweet Potatoes, and Black Lentils.”

These intensely colored plant foods are also nutritional powerhouses. Chanterelle mushrooms are a great source of fiber, Vitamin D, and copper, which plays a role in immune function. Purple sweet potatoes are very high in antioxidants due to their purple pigment, and black lentils are an incredible source of fiber and plant protein.

Melissa, Territory LA Culinary Manager:

“My current favorites are Meyer lemon, fresh herbs, and sugar snap peas!”

Meyer lemons are more than just an extra beautiful, sweeter lemon – they have compounds called citrus limonoids that have been shown to be anti-cancer. Limonoids may even be stronger functional compounds than those found in green tea or chocolate. Herbs add an anti-inflammatory component to meals in addition to fresh flavor.

Find sugar snap peas in Territory’s “Bountiful” Sicilian-Style Pasta on the Southern California menu.

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