7 Tips for Surviving Morning Sickness

By Danielle McAvoy
June 6, 2022

Territory’s Senior Manager of Nutrition, Danielle McAvoy offers some ideas for keeping food down and your energy levels up 

When you’re battling morning sickness, the last thing on your mind is food. But an empty stomach can make nausea worse and leave you feeling fatigued. Danielle McAvoy, Territory’s Senior Manager of Nutrition on how to alleviate morning sickness and get back to feeling your best:

1. Drink water. Dehydration can make morning sickness worse. Keep a glass of water on your nightstand so you can drink during the night and wake up hydrated. 

2. Eat small amounts often. Hunger can make you even more nauseous. Progesterone, a hormone that’s heightened during pregnancy, slows digestion, making big meals feel uncomfortable. Eating small snacks every couple of hours can keep morning sickness at bay.

3. Try cold foods. When your stomach is feeling queasy, eating something cold can soothe your GI tract. Yogurt with frozen berries provides protein, calcium, and antioxidants. Cold vegetables with dip, chilled fruit, and popsicles are good options, too. Sipping a smoothie may be easier than eating a meal. Add an avocado or nut butter for a good dose of healthy fats.

4. Keep it simple. Spicy, strong flavors may not sit well. Stick with simple foods like these:

  • Banana with nut butter.  This is a classic combination of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. Bananas are usually well-tolerated by an upset belly.
  • Protein bar.  These can be a satisfying snack, as long as they are not loaded with sugar, and protein helps support your growing baby.
  • Popcorn. Easy to nibble and high in fiber, popcorn can be a very satisfying snack. Fiber can keep things moving and stabilize blood sugar, which helps prevent insulin spikes that can wreak havoc on stress levels and hunger cues.
  • Baked potato.  Don’t knock a plain baked potato. They’re delicious with just a little bit of salt, and are a great source of potassium and fiber.

5. Try natural remedies. Ginger and lemon can alleviate nausea. Lemon water, ginger chews, or ginger lemon tea can go a long way in quelling morning sickness.

6. Take your prenatal vitamin at night with food. Prenatal vitamins are high in iron, which can make nausea worse. Taking one with food later in the day can help. 

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