5 Whole30 Resources To Make Things Easier

by Philippe Chetrit
5 Whole30 Resources To Make Things Easier

My first Whole30 was last January and it really was an empowering journey. What I love most about having sturdy guardrails in place, it forces you to look at things about yourself that you otherwise ignore. Like, I’m not actually hungry after dinner, I just love the act of snacking. When my energy levels are low, it’s a sugar and alcohol thing. And coolest of all…the experience restored some self confidence thanks to the will power I didn’t think I had.

I’ve since completed #2 in September (second time is way easier) and I’m looking forward to starting again tomorrow. Gives me the chance to clean up a few things that I’ve let slip through the madness of the holidays.

Whether you’re gearing up for your 1st or 100th Whole30, the resources below will make it way easier.


  1. All Things Whole30 — The Whole30 website is really the first place to check. It’s stuffed full of articles, links, books, tools, tips, and it’s home of the rules. Bookmark it cause you’ll certainly be here a lot.
  2. Instagram is the source — Turns out you can get all your Whole30 intel on one platform, IG. Probably because food is so photogenic, IG has really become the place to store recipes, motivation, product information, etc. A few must follow accounts:

3. The Whole30 Books — Honestly, they’re all incredibly helpful in different ways. Personally, I found Day by Day a game changer. Especially if this is your first, you’ll find yourself following along and reading about your body’s changes IRL.

4. Can’t cook it all — Ok. Ok. I get it. A big part of Whole30 is the doing-it-yourself aspect. But, getting bored of your recipes, being too tired to cook, and/or eggsaustion are classic reasons for jumping ship. I highly recommend ordering a few prepared meals to have handy. Territory is the obvious choice but Thrive Market and Whole Foods can make life easier, too.

5. Text Nudge — This one is brand new this year so can’t share any personal experience BUT excited for the added support this go around from Melissa herself. She sends daily texts (twice/day) which guide you to and through the journey — she’s the queen of accountability.

Happy clean eating, fellow Whole30ers! Let’s go.

p.s. If you’ve got questions about our Whole30 menu, or anything for that matter, don’t hesitate to reach out to the real (and very awesome) humans at hello@territoryfoods.com

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