4 ways prepared meals can make Thanksgiving week meaningfully less bonkers

by Robert Morton
4 ways prepared meals can make Thanksgiving week meaningfully less bonkers

Yes, I know it’s weird to be doing MORE food-thinking for next week. But…personal experience since we started Territory tells me prepared meal help can go a really long way to help you get through this foodiest of weeks with your sanity and good eating plan (largely) intact.

True I’m a little biased, being in the biz and all. But I’ve now had 5 Thanksgivings with our meals in the mix and there are big 4 ways they’ve helped me eat mostly clean while navigating all the prep, family herding, travel and post indulgence recovery of Turkey time (AND not want to stab myself with a fork in the process).

  1. Offset the early week rush to get away for the holiday — getting out the door for any time off usually means a mad rush. Doubly true this time of year when we’re juggling the work balls and nailing down what we’re responsible for on the Thanksgiving table at my in-laws.
  2. Lock-in some food for your travels — Once we get on the road, it’s usually traffic central which makes for late Wednesday arrival and scant time/energy for cooking. I hear from folks who fly too, that having a meal for the airport is a welcome alternative to gate options (unlike liquid, you can take food through security).
  3. Know you have a backup plan for The Big Day — Whether you’re a guest at someone else’s table or want a no-gluten option for your own spread, good to have a backup move in place in case you decide cooking is out last minute or your 1st attempt goes awry. Also good if you like to eat clean during the day, throw in a Turkey Trot run, then turn it loose a little.
  4. Friday/Saturday bounce-back food — However far down the indulgence/loosen the top button path you go on Thursday, I like having an alternative in the in-laws fridge that I can move to after the immediate left over love passes.

If any of that sounds useful, place an order for next week by midnight this Thursday. We’ve lined up the week for max holiday support with a regular Monday delivery, a second delivery Wednesday, and some tasty seasonal items across the menu.

If you’re new to Territory, welcome aboard. In addition to the holiday week assist, you’ll get $50 off your first order here.

Whatever your path to managing the big week, here’s to communing over good food with good folks and soaking up all there is to be thankful for.

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