Baltimore Builder

Intro about the Role:

Territory is hiring a Builder for the Baltimore metro area to grow the business, develop strategic relationships, and drive our company culture. Reporting directly to the General Manager of the Washington, DC Metro Area, you will be the owner of growing our Baltimore footprint.

We are looking for an exceptional person to serve as the face of Territory Foods in Baltimore, and help to make the magic happen. This person will have the responsibility to manage and grow strategic relationships, create and execute engagement activities, and administer back of houses processes to serve our intentional eaters through 65+ pickup locations and home delivery in Baltimore. The Builder/Engager will work with the DC Team and General Manager to strategically grow our footprint in Baltimore.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Building and managing a network of strategically placed locations that maximize capacity and create a great delivery experience for our customers. In our world, that means digging into the inner workings of your city to find out exactly where we should be and constantly evaluate our location performance.
  • Developing and executing on a strategy that will maximize capacity and experience. In some cases that will mean creating, testing and deploying new tools and in others it will be tossing on a more traditional sales type hat to pitch, close and launch pick up locations with partner locations that have their own storefront
  • Building strong relationships with our location partners and making sure we make an awesome addition to the experience for their community
  • Breathing new life in our engagement program by creating, testing and implementing new ways to support our locations and drive orders into their fridges

The intangibles:

  • You’re passionate about nutrition, fitness and the magic that can happen when the two get together
  • You get your energy from interacting with other people, sort of a pinball wizard kind of thing, the more you come into contact with, the faster and better you go
  • While emotion’s a primary fuel in your engine, you love designing programs, testing them, learning, managing details, and measuring the impact of your good deeds in terms of sales, retention and contribution to our topline goals
  • You get cabin fever after more than a few hours behind a desk/in an office though your social game travels with you wherever you are
  • Helping people gives you a buzz that, while legal, is good enough to be considered unlawful in some jurisdictions
  • You’re accountable, performance oriented and love setting and chasing after aggressive but achievable goals

The must haves (Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications):

  • Proven sales, program design and/or management experience including goal setting and performance measurement
  • Relationship management experience
  • Awesome communication skills and a natural bent to openness, transparency and saying it straight.
  • Passion, knowledge and regular involvement community-oriented fitness, health or sports activities
  • Demonstrated commitment to good for you eating
  • Strong computer fluency and wicked social media game
  • Minimum 5 years professional experience
  • Education, college degree required
  • You excel at team play, but can crush it independently too
  • A car, plus a valid license to drive it

Some nitty-gritty that matters:

  • Evening & weekend work is required and quite common, but you have a very flexible schedule
  • Commuting in and around the area is required, so the ability to roll and jive with traffic is a must
  • We’re much more results-oriented than we are time-oriented
  • Every team member serves as part of our Quality Assurance team (translation: free chow in exchange for detailed feedback)
  • We’re a food and fitness oriented outfit, so all our folks get free meals as well as company sponsored membership to wherever you get your move on (CrossFit, yoga, multi-program, etc.)

About Territory

We’re a platform for the next generation of wellness, focused on the hardest problem -- personalized nutrition. We sell fresh food for Food Tribes (representing 39% of the U.S. population, including whole30, gluten-free, paleo, ketogenic, vegan, and vegetarian).

We're direct-to-consumer ecommerce with differentiated distribution, partnering with leading Fitness Tribes as local pickup spots (including yoga, cycling and CrossFit studios as well as boutique and high-end health clubs).

We lead with purpose and intention, just like our customers. We’re operating in four markets (DC, DFW, SoCal and the Bay Area). In each, we work with amazing chefs using responsibly-sourced ingredients to create healthy meals that our customers rely on to undergird their health & wellness goals.

At Territory, we believe that our people and culture are our biggest assets. Because of our passion for wellness, community development and entrepreneurship, we want to have the best team members who not only believe in this mission, but live it too. Our remote operating model allows us to have a strong team of cutting-edge thinkers around the USA who provide diverse and innovative ideas.

We’re also entrepreneurial, strategic thinkers who are rooted in operations. All of our operational fervor serves as the foundation for scale. We are a fast growing enterprise with the deeply held belief that the more people we serve the more lives we change. The magic happens where operational excellence meets our growth mindset, and our teams try and live in the intersection.

The Builder is a like-minded soul with a sales/marketing background who thinks these ingredients are as tasty as we do and jumps into the fray to lead the word-spreading charge while driving the company toward top-line performance goals.

How to get rolling:

Email your resume and some thoughts about what grabbed you about this engagement goodness to