LA Community Builder

Food, fitness, people, passion, relationships, change, daring, mirth… these are some of the ingredients we mix up on our mission to make great eating crazy simple, delicious and life-changing for as many folks as we can. The LA Community Builder is a like-minded soul with a sales/marketing background who thinks these ingredients are as tasty as we do and jumps into the fray to lead the word-spreading charge while driving the company toward top-line performance goals.

The intangibles:

  • You’re passionate about nutrition, fitness and the magic that can happen when the two get together
  • You get your energy from interacting with other people, sort of a pinball wizard kind of thing, the more you come into contact with, the faster and better you go
  • While emotion’s a primary fuel in your engine, you ain’t no slouch with designing programs, testing them, learning, managing details, and measuring the impact of your good deeds in terms of sales, retention and contribution to our topline goals
  • You get cabin fever after more than a few hours behind a desk/in an office though your social game travels with you wherever you are
  • Helping people gives you a buzz that, while legal, is good enough to be considered unlawful in some jurisdictions
  • You’re accountable, performance oriented and love setting and chasing after aggressive but achievable goals

The responsibilities:
Growing sales and building the network of communities we serve in the SoCAL region is about bringing new locations into the mix and building strong relationships with those location partners. In both cases it’s all about people, interacting with them, helping them and educating them in order to drive awareness of our prepared meal offering and increase meal sales. In our world that means getting out into local fitness communities through in-person engagement, online programs and offline events of all sizes, from regional competitions to the Saturday classes at an individual gym or studio.  Whatever the size/shape of the activity, event or program on the schedule (which you design and manage), the goal and activities are similar:

  • Developing and executing on a new location prospecting strategy to grow the location network in top priority channels like CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, health clubs and other group fitness communities
  • Building programs to engage communities we support, educate them on our offerings and the impact of good for you eating, and increase sales performance at each location - both in person and through social media and other online programs
  • Managing the relationship/interaction with location partners and making sure we make an awesome addition to the experience for their gym community or attendees
  • Keeping our storefronts in partner locations in tip top shape, representing us and our partners exceptionally well
  • Measuring the impact of your programs so you can relentlessly improve value for all concerned – location owners, members/attendees and the company
  • Getting people engaged in our non-profit supports programs and the causes they support

The must haves (Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications):

  • Passion, knowledge and regular involvement in CrossFit, Yoga, and/or other community-oriented fitness, health or sports activities
  • Demonstrated commitment to good for you eating
  • Proven sales, program design and/or management experience including goal setting and performance measurement
  • Relationship management experience is a big plus
  • Awesome communication skills and a natural bent to openness, transparency and saying it straight.
  • Strong computer fluency and wicked social media game
  • Minimum 5 years professional experience
  • Education, college degree required, MBA a plus
  • You excel at team play, but can crush it independently too
  • A car, plus a valid license to drive it

Some nitty-gritty that matters:

  • Evening & weekend work is required and quite common, but you have a very flexible schedule
  • Commuting in and around the area is required, so the ability to roll and jive with to traffic is a must
  • We’re much more results-oriented than we are time-oriented
  • Every team member serves as part of our Quality Assurance team (translation: free chow in exchange for detailed feedback)
  • We’re a food and fitness oriented outfit, so all our folks get free meals as well as company sponsored membership to wherever you get your move on (CrossFit, yoga, multi-program, etc.)

Sound like your sort of gig?

Say hi! 👋 To apply, send us an email with:

  • your resume
  • a short intro about what makes you ... you (if social media is your jam ... feel free to share)
  • a few words about why Territory sounds like an exciting place