Frequently Asked Questions


What’s different about Territory?

We think your taste buds are made happiest by food that’s crafted close by, in smaller batches by multiple chefs interpreting great recipes. And happy taste buds from responsibly sourced food that’s also really good for you means performing better… a beautiful thing whether in body, mind or both.

So instead of stamping out huge quantities of meals from a giant kitchen somewhere and trucking them all over, we’re working with talented local chefs to bring you a great variety of tasty prepared meals, cooking styles and other food goodies – all dreamed up locally and giving back to the community. And all brought to you in the simplest, effort-free way we can think of.

Where are your meals made?

Right here in the local community. Our network of talented local chefs craft meals in health-inspected commercial kitchens across the area, within about an hour of all our delivery locations.

Who makes your meals?

We have a diverse crew of local chefs, caterers, restaurant and food truck owners working to bring you the most variety and taste in the simplest experience possible. Learn more about our chefs here.

Where does your food come from?

Our chefs use fresh, high quality ingredients and are committed to transparency in sourcing. We've worked hard to ensure our animal proteins come from responsible & sustainable sources. Animals and whole eggs are raised with room to roam and no added hormones and antibiotics. We are continually evolving our standards to focus on local, sustainable & naturally raised options. Learn more about our sourcing.

What if I am not satisified?

If you're not satisfied, we will do our absolute best to fix that. Food is a subjective realm, but our focus is on making sure you have the best overall experience with us. If we miss the mark on your food or some other facet of your order experience, expect us to take accountability and action to make it right.

I have lots of friends who might be interested in this service. Is there an incentive on referring folks?

Yup, we call it our Refer a Friend program. If you have friends, family, or clients that might dig Territory meals you can create a custom referral link to share.

Folks who use your link will get $25.00 of credits towards their first order. Once they order, you'll receive $25.00 in credits as well!

To create your own custom referral link, head to the Refer a Friend section on the site.

I own a gym, how can I become a pick-up location?

We’d love to see how your place could fit in the mix. So if you can share a bit more info by emailing we’ll follow-up straightaway and come to the conversation a bit smarter about what might work.

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What’s your order deadline each week?

Thursday at 11:59pm (local time). Orders placed the deadline will arrive the following Monday for 3-day plans, Monday and Thursday both for 5-day plans, and Thursday-only for 2-day plans. So, say Thursday is the 1st of the month and you're on the west coast:

Orders placed before 11:59pm (PT) on Thursday the 1st would arrive on the Monday the 5th. Orders placed after midnight (PT) on Friday the 2nd, would arrive the following Monday, the 12th.

Request to Customize Your Pack follow the same schedule.

I’m making a first order, do I need an account?

Yes, so we can make it super easy for future orders. You'll be prompted before you start the order process. Creating an account takes just a minute, you only have to do it once. All your info (payment, order history, plans, etc.) will be waiting for you when you return.

I want to try a recurring order for the ease and value, but am I getting locked in somehow if I do?

Nope. You can pause, restart or cancel a recurring order anytime right within the system with no fees or sad faces from us. Life intervenes. We believe you should be here ‘cause we’re serving you really well, not because of some artificial barrier.

How do I pause my recurring order?

You can pause/un-pause anytime online in your account dashboard. One of many features you can access for managing your order whenever you need to (including changing filter preferences, delivery location, meal plan, etc).

To Pause your order follow the steps below:

  • Once logged in, click on "Your Food" in the upper toolbar of your account
  • Click on "Schedule A Pause"
  • Deselect the weeks you do not want to receive meals, they will turn gray and say "You'll be paused, so no food"
  • Don't forget to save by clicking "Update Pauses"

We'll pick back up once you're ready.

Note that you'll need to do this for each active recurring order if you have more than one and keep in mind that our recurring payments go through on Tuesdays. If you pause after your payment has gone through, we’ll credit your account for the purchase.

All pauses must follow the same order deadline (Thursday by 11:59pm the week before scheduled delivery) to take effect.

Can I have separate orders for me and someone else under the same account?

Yup, absolutely. We recommend adding separate orders to your cart for each person. This allows each order to get a different name label and be managed separately (e.g. change the menu, pause, etc.).

Note that if you're getting home delivery, delivery fees are based per order, not per address. If you each have smaller orders, consider combining them if you want to save some (gluten-free) dough.

I'm a recurring customer and want to change my order to a different plan, how do I do that?

Simple. You can change settings on any recurring order after your first delivery (menu, meal size, number of meals, payment info, etc.) right within your account whenever the spirit moves you. Just click on "Your Food" in the upper toolbar within your account. From there, hit "Edit Plan" to make your adjustments. Don't forget to Save Changes!

Note if you change your order so it results in a price change (changing meal size, quantity etc) you will have to go back and Customize Your Pack again.

How do I make changes to an existing order?

You can make changes to your recurring order anytime after your first delivery online in your account dashboard. One of a passel of features (pausing, changing meal plan, delivery location, adding food preferences, etc.) you can access for managing your order whenever you need to.

You can change your order by logging into your account and click on the white link that says "Your Food" and then the red button that say "Edit plan".

From here click on any of the links to the left to update your delivery and be sure to save any changes you made.

If you have multiple orders in your account that need tweaking, you will have to make changes to each order individually.

Note, if any changes you made result in a price change (chage in meal quantity, size, changing from pick-up to delivery etc) you will need to re-Customize Your Pack.

Why is my card being charged twice each week?

Unless you've placed multiple orders, it's likely you are seeing a pre-authorization charge (aka a temporary hold).

Pre-authorization charges happen on Tuesdays and can 3-5 days to fall off depending on your bank. If you're still seeing multiple charges after five days, please reach out to use by emailing

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Can I choose the meals I want each week?

Yes. You will be able to select the meals you want during the checkout process.

If you've set up a recurring order you can customize any of our weekly menus, choosing from any menus (breakfast, lunch, or dinner, specials... whatever stirs your cocktail), using the Customize Your Pack tool. And for those food adventurers, you can let us curate a menu for you each week and a tasty mix of meals will come your way without you having to do a thing.

Note any menu customizations need to happen by our order deadline of 11:59pm on Thursday.

How do I Customize my menu?

You can change up the meals in your order up until 11:59pm on Thursdays using the Customize Your Pack tool. From here, you can adjust your order based on meals within your selected filter, or if you are feeling adventerous, choose among any of the lines. And don't feel like you're stuck with just dinner options if that's what you set as a preference. Want pancakes for dinner? You do you. We just want to make sure you are getting the food that tastes best to you.

What if I want to avoid certain ingredients, can you keep them out of my meals?

In plenty of cases, yes. We call this process adding "Ingredients to Avoid" which you can set when you place your order. Choose from a list of commonly substituted ingredients (dietary preferences, proteins, etc.) and we’ll swap out any meals featuring that item with another meal from the same delivery.

Or, if you are following common diets like Paleo, Whole30, Pre/Post-natal, you can select among our filters to see the the complient meals we are offering that week.

Oh no! I forgot to order/mod by the deadline? Can I still get my meals delivered this coming week?

Unfortunately our food production wheels are already decidedly in motion early Friday morning so we are unable to add or mod orders that missed the Thursday 11:59pm cutoff.

We know it can take a little time to get used to the order schedule but we do our best to communicate the deadlines as much as possible.

What’s the difference between lunches and dinners?

We try to make our lunches faster and more grab-and-go and our dinners more entree style. The portion sizes and nutrition values are the same for each type of meal. You'll tend to see more of the cold-eat and fork-friendly meals included in the "lunch" category, along with some heat-and-eat options to boot. Dinner meals tend to be more of a fork and knife kind of deal.

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What are the open hours for grabbing my meals at pickup locations?

Gym/studio locations – pickup hours are whenever the gym you’re picking up from (reminder, membership is not a requirement) is open for business, which is typically when classes are happening. You can view a location's hours before ordering and we will give you a heads up in the delivery confirmation email. Location hours can vary week by week, especially during holidays, so please check the location’s class schedule (links on our locations page) and or give them a ring before you head out and time your pick up accordingly.

Office pickup locations – only employees of that business can order and pick up there so hours for getting your meals are whenever you have access to your office building as an employee.

Can you deliver directly to my home?

If you’re in one of our delivery areas, we’d love to! Delivery service area can be somewhat limited as as we’re growing legs in each of our cities. Check your specific address for delivery service when placing an order.

All deliveries are handled between the hours of 10:00pm and 7:00am, so if you live in an apartment building please leave detailed delivery instructions at checkout.

If we don’t deliver to you yet, email us to let us know you’re interested and we’ll give you a heads up when direct delivery becomes available in your area. Or, if you’re interested in us delivering to your slice of fitness heaven, let us know and we’ll reach out to the owner at your place.

I'm picking up at a gym, do I have to be a member?

Nope, you don't have to be a member of a gym we deliver to in order to receive our meals.

Our location partners all know this so you’re welcome to pop in and pickup. But please, please, double blueberry on top please, check the schedule for the location BEFORE you head to pick up. Our hours are their hours and some fitness locations are only open when a class is in session and some may have limited hours during holiday weeks.

We'd hate to have you head over only to find the door locked. Frustrating all around.

The closest pick-up location to me is an office, can I get my meals there?

Pickup at listed office locations is for employees of that office only, so orders can only be placed at an office location if you're an employee of that business. We will note all office locations with (Employees Only) to help make it super-duper clear.

What happens to my meals at a pickup spot if I don’t pick them up the week they were delivered?

For food safety and fridge space reasons, it’s important for us to regularly clean out pickup location fridges. So, FYI that we remove meals not picked up in a week of delivery.

We do our best to notify you via email confirming your order before the deadline and once it's been delivered. If you know you will be traveling or unable to pick up your meals, we recommend pausing your order until you return.

What happens to delivery in inclement weather?

If the weather’s bad or there are power outages and other events that delay delivery, we make every effort to deliver meals within 24 hours of their original targeted delivery time of Monday or Thursday morning. We’ll notify you by email if we know there’ll be a delay or cancellation so you can plan accordingly.

What happens with delivery on holiday weeks?

Mostly stays the same. In general you should assume that we'll make deliveries per our normal Monday and Thursday pick up schedule for most holidays since many locations are often open, particularly on those holidays that fall on a Monday. On rare occasions, we'll cancel or adjust a delivery date but will give you plenty of notice in advance.

We reccommend checking your pick-up locations holiday schedule on pick-up days as some may have limited hours.

If we get word that a location will be closed for a week or more, we will re-route your order to the next closest pick-up location or offer home delivery (delivery fees may apply).

When are meals delivered each week?

We deliver Mondays and Thursdays. If you get a 3-day plan, your meals will arrive Monday. If you get a 5-day meal plan, you’ll receive two deliveries, Monday and Thursday. If you get a Thursday-only (2-day) plan, you’ll get meals, you guessed it, just on Thursday. Here’s the low down on delivery timing:

Gym/studio pickup spots – we aim to get all deliveries made before doors open at pickup locations, which is typically early in the morning before 6am. Please check the class schedule (links on our pickup map) at your pickup place for their specific open hours.

Home Delivery - like Ole' Saint Nick, we deliver overnight between 10:00pm and 7:00am on the delivery days (Mon/Thurs). That's why we can't call-in, buzz, or knock on the door. If you live in an apartment building, please provide detailed delivery instructions during the checkout process; helps us get everyone's food out on time, and ready for the day to start.

What if there is a problem with my specific delivery location?

If there’s something just at your pick-up location preventing delivery, we’ll deliver to the next closest location and let you know. If there’s an issue that prevents us from leaving your direct delivery, we’ll contact you to work out suitable arrangements. Note that re-deliveries in these special circumstances may incur an additional charge.

Are there fees for delivery?

Getting your meals from a local pick-up spot is free, but getting meals delivered to an address of your choosing is $7.95 per delivery per order. If multiple orders are going to the same location, they will each get charged their own delivery fee.

What do I do with the delivery packaging? Is it recyclable/sustainable?

All of our delivery materials are sustainable and recyclable. In fact, we re-use them (with your help), by swapping out the empty bag and ice packs with a food-filled bag on each delivery.

We understand that bag swaps are forgotten from time to time. No problemo if you miss a bag swap or two, but please get any bag and ice packs you miss back to us within the next couple deliveries. We need those cool keepers back to keep your meals nice and chilly for your deliveries. We'd be bummed to do it, but each set of bag/liner/ice packs that wander off and don't come back within a couple of weeks will be subject to a $15 replacement charge to the card on file.

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Meal Basics

Do the meals come fresh or frozen?

Fresh, delivered twice a week. Some of our eat-cold meals are ready to eat without heating. For the rest, just warm them up in the oven, pan (our recommendation) or microwave and you’re good to go. All containers are microwave safe.

How should I warm up my meals?

Each meal label features warming instructions based on the specifics of that meal (salads, sauces, eat cold meals, etc.). So give that a gander before you start readying your meal.

Generally we recommend stovetop or oven heating for tastiest results. When microwave speed calls, move to a microwave-friendly plate or bowl before heating and you’ll be ready to munch as soon as the beep sounds (though those little containers are microwave safe).

Please note: consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs, may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

How many people do your meals feed?

All of these are designed for one person. If you want the same thing for more than one person, just change the quantity when you checkout.

How did you determine portion sizes?

A combination of feedback over time and guidance from our nutritional professional crew. Our protein/portion sizes tend to run bigger than prepared meal providers with more of a weight-loss focus. So our Standard size often equals a large from other providers and our Boost size often correlates with other regulars out there.

While the diversity of our ingredients leads to a variety of different macronutrient properties, our meals generally fall into these calorie ranges:

Boost: 250-450 calories
Standard: 400-650 calories
XL (DC Only): 550-850 calories

Are your meal containers recyclable? Delivery bags reusable?

Yes. Our meal containers are #5 plastics and rated microwave safe. Most municipalities take #5 in their recycling programs.

And in some areas there are even more direct routes (i.e. where you know for sure where the recycled material ends up) like the Gimme 5 program from Preserve Products which collects containers at Whole Foods and gives them second life as a toothbrush or a dinner plate.

The cardboard boxes your meals come in are also recyclable, or can be resued. If you swing by the Territory offices you'll find them repurposed as (really cute) storage solutions...we're not biased or anything.

Our direct delivery bags are reusable (and super handy for picnics and other food traveling occasions, just don’t forget to swap it out, each delivery).

Do you include information on ingredients, calories and macro-nutrient content of each meal?

Yep. You can find all of that info online each week. Ingredients and macro-nutrient information are also on the meal label itself, as well as a review code you can use to look up additional nutritional info. Reminder, there are lots of variables that go into nutritional calcs and this ain't no food factory. So these are targets and ranges, but there will be some variability.

How do you make sure your nutritional information is accurate?

Our professional nutrition analysis team uses a commercial software program based on the Atwater system for determining energy values. We consider every aspect of our food and how the recipe is prepared. This includes factors such the amount of salt absorbed during marinating, water or oil lost during cooking, and the brand of products used.

How is it possible my calorie estimate came out different than your macro totals?

Macro counting is a great way to estimate your general consumption. However, because our analysis is so precise, you may find a slight variance in calories when you use the 4-4-9 method on our meals. When meals do not match the 4-4-9 method, the calorie difference typically ranges from 5 to 25 calories.

How do you determine what ingredients qualify for your Paleo options?

Our Paleo meals fall on the strict end of the Paleo spectrum so that you have a clear and simple starting point from which you can add on. Our paleo meals include: meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. They exclude: dairy, grains, sweeteners (including honey or agave), no preservatives, ​and very limited legumes (only the kind that come in a pod).

We’ve taken inspiration from lots of sources, including the writing and advice of folks like Chris Kresser, Robb Wolf, Kurt Harris, and Dallas and Melissa at Whole30 (we even have a line dedicated to Whole30 approved meals!). Like many of these folks, we also believe in the constant evolution of healthy eating so are always looking at new ideas.

Folks inspired by Paleo ideas but looking for a little more experimentation should try our Mixitarian options, which adds in use of natural sweeteners, gluten free grains, some legumes, etc. And of course you can always mix and match from any of our dietary options when you Customize Your Pack.

Can I rate my meals?

Yes, we hope you do! Your feedback (positive or negative) is crucial to help us create the best possible meal experience for you.

You can rate any meal from the online menu or enter the review code found on every label. Note, you need to be logged into your account to review.

Once you review a meal, you will be able to see past ratings when that meal pops back into rotation giving you a reminder if you loved it or might want to pass this time around.

Have a question not answered here?

Hope these FAQs help. But if you didn’t find your answer here, you can always pull the email rip cord and we’ll be right back at you. Just hit us up at