Our Spring To-dos

by Robert Morton
Our Spring To-dos

In the spirit of expanding the dialogue with you we talked about last month, I’m writing with an update we hope to make a regular quarterly feature… the cleverly named, “What we’re working on this quarter to make things better” update.

Like any to-do list, this one’s flexible and stuff may shift in or out, but hopefully gives you a good sense of the big rocks on our improvement docket this spring:

Order flexibility

We call this bucket of stuff Fit My Life because it’s all about making it easier to fit your order to what’s going on in your life, not the other way ‘round.

  • Better pausing — easier to use generally and more options for short, medium and longer term pauses. While not yet live/final, you can get a sneak peek at the functionality here (click “manage subscription” to play)
  • More meal quantity flex — more control over the number of meals you can order for any particular delivery.

More of the meals you want, less of what you don’t

We started down this path a bit in Q1 with some of the meal review changes, but the name of the game here is a series of capabilities that makes it easier and more likely for you to get meals each week that’ll please your taste buds and goals best.

  • Smarter recommendations — better linking the menus we suggest for you to the signals you give us about your likes/dislikes such as meal reviews, opting in/out of meals when customizing, etc.
  • “Never again” and other preference directions — ways to give us explicit direction like “never send this again” or “always include meals like this”, or “this was a thumbs up because”.
  • “All meals” option — ability to choose (whether we’re suggesting the menu or you’re customizing it) from our entire menu instead of choosing a specific dietary template via the “no preference” option.

Home delivery evolution

We’ve heard you on the challenges of life with the bags. So we’re actively working on a next iteration of this constant search for the right balance between ease of use, durability and sustainability.


We’re transitioning to a new system that’ll help us be more responsive and in more ways as questions come up for you. I.e. better help resources on the site, live chat, expanded phone support, etc.

Join our feedback-giving crew

As we work on all this betterment stuff, it’s super helpful to get feedback on what we have in mind. So, if you like sharing your take on stuff before it debuts, raise your hand here.

Should be a very low lift and fun way to participate. Every so often we’ll send word out on ideas and designs we’re looking for input on. If/when the spirit is with you, take a look and shout back with thoughts. Simple as that. Plus we’ll play around with nifty thank you’s as we go.

Before wrapping up here, important to note that these four focus areas are in addition to what we consider our core, “always the priority” work of improving the meals and expanding variety. Already this increase in dialogue with you has helped a bunch in that regard and we’re pumped to continue feeding your input into the food agenda.

So, thanks again. And shout anytime to ideasforrobert@territoryfoods.com with questions on the above or any other areas you’d like to tell us about. And one last call, if you’d like to be part of the tester/reactor crew, toss us your info here.

Happy spring,


In the spirit of continual improvement, our firewood turned dumbbell did just the trick while on spring break with the fam last week. Coach Gus stood by for critique.

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