Onelife Fitness (Woodbridge): Live a life well fed.

Territory works with local chefs and nutritionists to deliver a personalized meal plan that will power your life. Get $25 off your first order.

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Local chefs

A network of local, independent chefs brings their special sauce to the craft. More taste, less boredon, better results. Think: restaurant rotation sans the reservations or fancy dress.

Whole ingredients

Antibiotic-free and naturally raised meats, nutrient dense veggies, heart-healthy fats... great (often locally sourced) ingredients in creative dishes that'll fuel you up so you can do more of what you love.

Convenient pickup

We deliver straight to the fridge at Onelife Fitness (Woodbridge)! Select once-a-week pickup or twice-a-week (Monday & Thursday) deliveries for max freshness.

Easy customization

Find the right portion size, pursue a specific nutritional profile, avoid certain ingredients... you can set preferences and choose meals from any menu (breakfast, lunch, or dinner).

Get $25 off your first order.

Check out the menu

Taste more of life

I'm a newcomer, but it has already changed the equation on my health and wellness. The bottom line is, your company is making my life easier and better.

Jamie F.

I have to say they are insanely amazing. Seriously, I love your food and whatever you guys are doing, keep doing it. I am even able to eat it up to the night before a race and still feel amazing in my marathons because it's not loaded with salt and sugar. Bravo.

Jennifer T.

Thank you so much for doing this. It makes my life so much easier.

Sarah P.

Get $25 off your first order.

Check out the menu